Bulletin 137

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club 137, 2017

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Publication date for Volume 137 (1): 13 March 2017
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Volume 137 Number 1, pages 1–93 PDF
Club Announcements 1 PDF
CLAESSENS, O., GIRAUD-AUDINE, M., ROYER, F. & SÉNÉCAUX, L. What is the breeding range and breeding season of Pearly-breasted Cuckoo Coccyzus euleri? New records and breeding in French Guiana 12 PDF
VAN GROUW, H. The dark side of birds: melanism—facts and fiction 14 PDF
EISERMANN, K., AVENDAÑO, C. & MATÍAS, E. Nesting evidence, density and vocalisations in a resident population of Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis wetmorei in Guatemala 37 PDF
RENJIFO, L. M., REPIZO, A., RUIZ-OVALLE, J. M., OCAMPO, S. & AVENDAÑO, J. E. New bird distributional data from Cerro Tacarcuna, with implications for conservation in the Darién highlands of Colombia 46 PDF
DOVE, C. J., SAUCIER, J., WHATTON, J. F., SCHMIDT, B. K. & ROBLE, H. R. First record of River Warbler Locustella fluviatilis and additional records for Plain Nightjar Caprimulgus inornatus and Lesser Masked Weaver Ploceus intermedius in Djibouti 67 PDF
FULTON, G. R. Dr William H. James 1852–76: medical doctor and naturalist 71 PDF
LAGERQVIST, M., MCNEILL, R. & BANWELL, A. Vocal comparison between Tabar Pitta Erythropitta  splendida and New Britain Pitta E. gazellae 88 PDF
RUIZ-ESPARZA, J., MENDONÇA COSTA, J. P., SANTOS, C., RUIZ-ESPARZA, D. P. B., BELTRÃO-MENDES, R. & FERRARI, S. F. Range extension for Buff-fronted Owl Aegolius harrisii in north-east Brazil and a case of Heterochromia iridis in Strigidae 91 PDF
Publication date for Volume 137 (2): 18 June 2017
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Volume 137 Number 2, pages 94–159 PDF
Club Announcements 1 PDF
LAGERQVIST, M., BANWELL, A. & MCNEILL, R. First field observation of Karimui Owlet-Nightjar Aegotheles bennettii terborghi 95 PDF
WELLS, D. R. Zosterops white-eyes in continental South-East Asia. 1: proposed refinements to the regional definition of Oriental White-eye Z. palpebrosus 100 PDF
WELLS, D. R. Zosterops white-eyes in continental South-East Asia. 2: what is Zosterops auriventer Hume? 110 PDF
DYER, D. & VALLELY, A. C. On the female plumage of Glow-throated Hummingbird Selasphorus ardens Salvin, 1870 117 PDF
SHIRIHAI, H., SCHWEIZER, M., KIRWAN, G. M. & BRETAGNOLLE, V. The type of Rapa Shearwater Puffinus (newelli?)) myrtae from the Austral Islands, Polynesia, with remarks on the morphological variation of the taxon 127 PDF
INGELS, J., COSTA, T. V. V., BRAMMER, F. P., RUSSELL, D. G. D. & EPELBOIN, L. Clutch size of Blackish Nightjar Nyctipolus nigrescens 135 PDF
DICKINSON, E. C., DAVID, N. & ALONSO-ZARAZAGA, M. A. Some comments on Schodde & Bock (2016) on gender agreement. 142 PDF
SCHODDE, R. & BOCK, W. J. Interpreting Article 31.2.2 of the Code, Tanagra bresilia Linnaeus, and gender agreement—a response to Dickinson et al. (2017) towards more positive outcomes 145 PDF
FLÓREZ, P. & KIRWAN, G. M. Yellow-crowned Elaenia Myiopagis flavivertex, new to Colombia  150 PDF
MELO, T. N. & XAVIER, R. S. First nest description for Spot-backed Antwren Herpsilochmus dorsimaculatus  152 PDF
MITCHELL, D. K. First photographs of the endemic Tagula White-eye Zosterops meeki, on Sudest Island (Louisiade Archipelago), Papua New Guinea  156 PDF
JOBLING, J. A. Resolution of a case of secondary homonymy in the genus Sylvia Scopoli, 1769  159 PDF
Publication date for Volume 137 (3): 15 September 2017
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Volume 137 Number 3, pages 160–243 PDF
Club Announcements 160 PDF
LANE, D. F. & PEQUEÑO, T. A new Peruvian locality for Scimitar-winged Piha Lipaugus uropygialis, with the first description of flight display and other natural history notes 161 PDF
GULSON-CASTILLO, E.R., DREELIN, R. A., FERNANDEZ-DUQUE, F., GREIG, E. I., HITE, J. M., ORZECHOWSKI, S. C., SMITH, L. K., WALLACE, R. T. & WINKLER, D. W. Breeding biology during the nestling period at a Black-crowned Pitta Erythropitta ussheri nest. 173 PDF
DAUDT, N. W., PEREIRA, A., RECHETELO, J., KRUL, R. & MACEDO MESTRE, L. A. Noteworthy seabird records from Paraná state, southern Brazil 195 PDF
CRAIG, A. J. F. K. Blue Cranes Anthropoides paradiseus at Etosha Pan, Namibia: what is the origin of this isolated population? 206 PDF
LEE, M. & HOLYOAK, D. T.. ‘The chequered history of Chattering Kingfisher Todiramphus tutus on Tahiti’: a response 211 PDF
VAN DER VLIET, R. E. & JANSEN, J. J. F. J. Reply to Lee & Holyoak: how definite are 20th-century reports of Chattering Kingfisher Todiramphus tutus from Tahiti? 218 PDF
FLOOD, R. L., WILSON, A. C. & ZUFELT, K. Observations of five little-known tubenoses from Melanesia in January 2017 226 PDF
DE MELO, T. N. & DA SILVA XAVIER, R. First data on breeding ecology of Red-billed Pied Tanager Lamprospiza melanoleuca, including the nest and egg 237 PDF
RUIZ-ESPARZA, J., CRISCOULO, A., DA ROCHA, P. A., BELTÃO-MENDES, R., SILVESTRE, S. M., BOMFIM, S., RUIZ-ESPARZA, D. P. B. & FERRARI, S. F. Range extension for Wedge-billed Woodcreeper Glyphorynchus spirurus cuneatus in north-east Brazil  241 PDF
Publication date for Volume 137 (4): 11 December 2017
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Volume 137 Number 4, pages 244–338 PDF
Club Announcements 244 PDF
JANSEN, J. J. F. J. & STEINHEIMER, F. D. The authenticity of ‘I’iwi Drepanis coccinea (G. Forster, 1781) skins from Cook’s third voyage: what taxidermy can add to the discussion. 246 PDF
VAN GROUW, H., DEKKERS, W. & ROOKMAAKER, K. On Temminck’s tailless Ceylon Junglefowl, and how Darwin denied their existence. 261 PDF
BIRD, J. P. Observation of an all-dark Pseudobulweria petrel in the Bismarck Sea, with a review and discussion of recent records 272 PDF
FLOOD, R. L. & WILSON, A. C. A New Zealand Storm Petrel Fregetta maoriana off Gau Island, Fiji, in May 2017 278 PDF
SCHULZ, U. & EISERMANN, K. Morphometric differentiation between subspecies of Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno mocinno and P. m. costaricensis) based on uppertail-coverts 287 PDF
JACKSON, H. D. Fiery-necked Nightjar Caprimulgus pectoralis development and behaviour from hatching to fledging, including attendant parental care 292 PDF
CROZARIOL, M. A. & NACINOVIC, J. B. A historical Australasian Shoveler Spatula rhynchotis specimen from southern South America 312 PDF
DYER, D. Supposed sympatry of Corapipo manakins in the Tacarcuna region of Colombia, and a comment on Schiffornis: a response to Renjifo et al. (2017) 315 PDF
SANDOVAL, L. Nest and eggs of the southern Central American endemic Tawny-chested Flycatcher Aphanotriccus capitalis  317 PDF
CARLOS, C. J., DAUDT, N. W., VAN GROUW, H. & NEVES, T. The second and third documented records of Antarctic Tern Sterna vittata in Brazil 320 PDF
Index to Volume 137 (2017) 325 PDF