BOC Bulletin Submissions

Instructions for Contributors
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club

Authors are invited to submit papers on topics relating to the broad themes of taxonomy and distribution of birds. Descriptions of new species of birds are especially welcome and may be accompanied by colour photographs or paintings.

Submission may be made electronically to the Editor ( if large (>1 MB) files are involved, e.g. to include illustrations, please contact editor first. Where possible, reviews, and returns of papers and reviewers’ comments to authors, will be undertaken electronically.

Where appropriate half-tone photographs may be included and, where essential to illustrate important points, the Editor will consider the inclusion of colour illustrations (if possible, authors should obtain funding to support this inclusion of such colour plates).

Papers should follow the general style:

Title – lower case, centred, bold
by Author(s) – lower case, centred, italics
Introductory section without a heading
Primary headings – lower case, centred, bold
Secondary headings – left justified, lower case, italics, bold

English names of animals should begin with capitals; give English name at first mention of every species.
Numerals – thousands separated by commas, e.g. 12,000

Units of measurement, SI. Space between values and unit, e.g. 12.1 g

Statistical tests in the form: (r28 = 3.12, P < 0.01). (C23 = 7.31, n.s.)

Citations to references in text: Author (Date); Author & Author (Date); if three or more authors – Author et al. (Date); or (Author(s) Date) etc.

Author, A. (or Author, A. & Author, B.) Date. Title of paper. Title of journal in italics. Volume: pages.
Author, A. Date. Title of book in italics. Publisher, place of publication.
Author, A. Date. Title of paper/chapter. In Editor, A & Editor, B. (Eds.) Title of book/proceedings in italics. Pages. Publisher, place of publication.

Address(es): addresses of authors, including emails if desired.

Format for tables (to be typed on separate sheets at end of paper):
Description of table contents, including any abbreviations

Column A Column B
Row 1 Data Data
Row 2 Data Data


Legends for figures to be typed on one sheet at end of paper, in the form: Figure n. Text of legend, including key to symbols etc.

In a separate file (or on a separate sheet), authors should provide an abstract of no more then 150 words. This will be placed on the British Ornithologists’ Club website.

Letters confirming acceptance of papers will be accompanied by a form on which authors must assign copyright of their paper to the British Ornithologists’ Club. Authors may be charged for any corrections that they request after their papers have been sent to the typesetter. Procedures for supplying offprints are currently under review; authors will be informed of current procedures at the time of acceptance.