Welcome to the British Ornithologists’ Club


The BOC’s objects are to advance education in the subject of ornithology for the benefit of the public by promoting scientific discussion between members and others interested in ornithology and to facilitate the dissemination of scientific information concerned with ornithology, and in particular avian systematics, taxonomy and distribution.


The BOC produces a Bulletin four times a year. Up to the end of 2016 hard copies were sent to all members. However, from 2017 the Bulletin became an open access online-only publication available for viewing and download at BioOne (click on the button in the right sidebar). We will continue to list the table of contents of each issue at the Bulletin Index page where you will also find the contents from earlier issues.

NOTE: The latest issue of the BOC Bulletin (Vol. 140, No. 4 – December 2020) is now available for viewing or download. You can view the table of contents, abstracts and references, full text or downloadable PDFs of individual papers as well as the complete issue at the BioOne Complete website. You can also view the table of contents and download a PDF for the complete issue on the BOC website.

This issue contains nine papers of wide interest ranging from Phenotypic variation and polymorphism confirmed among white-bellied swiftlets of the Collocalia esculenta group (Apodidae, Collocaliini) mitochondrial and nuclear DNA evidence by Sian E. W. Davies, Wei Lim Goh, Sarah P. Ball, Earl of Cranbrook, Wei Sheng Siew & Michael Tarburton to three papers from the Papua New Guinea / New Guinea region including one by Origins of the upland avifauna of Yapen Island, New Guinea region by Jared Diamond & K. David Bishop. The issue also contains the index for volume 140.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be on 29 March via Zoom.  Dr Ron Summer will talk about the Abernethy Forest: its history and ecology.  See here for details.