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Updated 24-04-14

Welcome to the British Ornithologists’ Club


The BOC’s objects are to promote scientific discussion between members and others interested in ornithology and to disseminate scientific information concerned with ornithology through the publication of its Bulletin. The BOC’s primary focus is on avian systematics, taxonomy and distribution.


The BOC produces a Bulletin four times a year, which all members receive, as well as other occasional publications. Use the Bulletin index links to view the contents of the most recent Bulletin as well as past Bulletins. If you wish to receive a copy please join the BOC. Membership costs £25 a year.


The BOC holds regular meetings, mostly in central London (see the Meetings page for location and directions). The meetings are normally free and non-members are welcome.

NEXT MEETING: 20 May 2014—5.30 pm—Annual General Meeting, followed at 6.30 pm by Guy Kirwan—Cuban birds at home and abroad, in the field and museumDetails


Male Bee Hummingbird Mellisuga helenae (Arturo Kirkconnell): the world’s smallest bird and just one of the many Cuban endemics that will be featured by Guy Kirwan.