Professor Jared Diamond to speak at BOC’s 1000th meeting (postponed until further notice)

The  British Ornithologists’ Club will this year  hold its 1000th meeting since its inauguration on 5 October 1892. In celebration of this significant milestone we are delighted to announce that, in conjunction with the Linnean Society, the Club will hold the first of two evening talks at the Linnean Society’s premises in Burlington House, Piccadilly on Friday 5 June when Dr Jared Diamond,  Professor of Geography at the University of California at Los Angeles will […]

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Dr Julia Day gave a talk at a BOC meeting on 18 March 2019

Dr Julia Day on YouTube

We have posted a video at the BOC YouTube channel of a talk presented by Dr Julia Day, an Associate Professor at University College London who has developed a research programme in research in Systematics and Evolutionary Biology. Much of her work focuses on African freshwater fish as a study system, but she’s interested in other African radiations too. Being a birder, she couldn’t resist working on a notoriously difficult-to-identify avian group. Julia gave a talk entitled Continental […]

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Dr Bård Stokke talk on YouTube

We have posted a video at the BOC YouTube channel of a talk presented by Dr Bård G. Stokke at a regular BOC meeting on 21 May 2018. The title of the talk was Host use by Common Cuckoo. A generalist brood parasite at the species level, Common Cuckoo utilises more than 100 host species in Europe alone. Individual females are generally host specific and often mimick the eggs of a particular host species. See the 2018 […]

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