Dr Julia Day gave a talk at a BOC meeting on 18 March 2019

Dr Julia Day on YouTube

We have posted a video at the BOC YouTube channel of a talk presented by Dr Julia Day, an Associate Professor at University College London who has developed a research programme in research in Systematics and Evolutionary Biology. Much of her work focuses on African freshwater fish as a study system, but she’s interested in other African radiations too. Being a birder, she couldn’t resist working on a notoriously difficult-to-identify avian group. Julia gave a talk entitled Continental […]

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Dr Bård Stokke talk on YouTube

We have posted a video at the BOC YouTube channel of a talk presented by Dr Bård G. Stokke at a regular BOC meeting on 21 May 2018. The title of the talk was Host use by Common Cuckoo. A generalist brood parasite at the species level, Common Cuckoo utilises more than 100 host species in Europe alone. Individual females are generally host specific and often mimick the eggs of a particular host species. See the 2018 […]

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