Bulletin 142

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club 142, 2022

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Publication date for Volume 142 (1): 11 March 2022
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Volume 142 Number 1, pages 1–155 | PDF (25 Mb)
Club Announcements 1
GOURAUD, C. Note on the nomenclature of Myrmothera guttata Vieillot, 1824 (Passeriformes, Thamnophilidae) 5
SUÁREZ, W. Catalogue of Cuban fossil and subfossil birds 10
DICKINSON, E. C., KAMMINGA, P. & VAN DER MIJE, S. Temminck’s new bird names introduced in the early parts of the Nouveau recueil de planches coloriées d’oiseaux in 1820–22 75
DIAMOND, J. & BISHOP, K. D. Why may the same species have different elevational ranges at different sites in New Guinea? 92
BRETAGNOLLE, V., FLOOD, R. L., GABA, S. & SHIRIHAI, H. Fregetta lineata (Peale, 1848) is a valid extant species endemic to New Caledonia 111
WILSON, J.-J., FISHER, C. T., SENFELD, T., SHANNON, T. J. & COLLINSON, J. M. The tangled nomenclatural history of Haplopelia forbesi Salvadori, 1904: were Forbes and Robinson right all along? 131
IQBAL, M., AMEY, T., KUSUMA, I., ALIM, S. S. & HUSNI, A.  Novel ecological information for Silvery Pigeon Columba argentina, with first description of the chick 138
BARREIROS, M. H. M., TOLENTINO, M. & LEITE, G. A. Breeding ecology of Rufous Potoo Nyctibius bracteatus in central Amazonian Brazil 145