Bulletin 139

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club 139, 2019

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Publication date for Volume 139 (1): 15 March 2019
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Volume 139 Number 1, pages 1–87 | PDF (18 Mb)
Club Announcements 1
GULSON-CASTILLO, E. R., PEGAN, T. M., GREIG, E. I., HITE, J. M., HRUSKA, J. P., KAPOOR, J. A., ORZECHOWSKI,S. C., SHIPLEY, J. R. & WINKLER, D. W. Notes on nesting, territoriality and behaviour of broadbills (Eurylaimidae, Calyptomenidae) and pittas (Pittidae) in Tawau Hills Park, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo 8
GHIRALDI, L. & AIMASSI, G. Extinct and endangered (‘E&E’) birds in the ornithological collection of the Museum of Zoology of Torino University, Italy 28
SHAKYA, S. B., LIM, H. C., MOYLE, R. G., RAHMAN, M. A., LAKIM, M. & SHELDON, F. H. A cryptic new species of bulbul from Borneo. 46
MELO, T. N. & GREENEY, H. F. Notes on the breeding biology of birds in riverine floodplains of western Amazonia 56
DICKINSON, E. C., LEE, M., CIBOIS, A., BOUSSÈS, P. &FUCHS, J. Clarifying the nomenclature of Pomarea species (Monarchidae) from the Society Islands 65
MILLS, M. S. L., BOESMAN, P. & COLLAR, N. J. Species limits in the African Palm Swift Cypsiurus parvus 75
O’HAGAN, M. P. & WILLIAMS, M. D. Breeding data on Peruvian Thick-knee Burhinus superciliaris accumulated by R. A. Hughes in the vicinity of Mollendo, Peru 83
WOXVOLD, I. A. & LEGRA, L. A population of Greater Ground Robin Amalocichla sclateriana (Petroicidae) from central New Guinea 85
Publication date for Volume 139 (2): 17 June 2019
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Volume 139 Number 2, pages 88–186 | PDF (23 Mb)
Club Announcements 88
VAN DOREN, B. M., HRUSKA, J. P., DZIELSKI, S. A. & BUTCHER, B. G. Helpers at a Sapayoa nest are kin 94
AMARAL, B. R., LARANJEIRAS, T. O., COHN-HAFT, M., LEITE, G. A., CZABAN, R. & RUTT, C. L. Major range extension for Orange-fronted Plushcrown Metopothrix aurantiaca in the central Amazon of Brazil 99
JONES, A. W., BOONE, A. T., BRENNAN, C. L., RODEWALD, P. G. & KISTLER, E. Documentation of a hybrid Spizella sparrow using spectographic and genetic analysis 105
KEDDY-HECTOR, D. P. The history of Aplomado Falcon Falco femoralis subspecies diagnoses 111
CORDEIRO, N. J., MOYER, D. C., STUART, S. N., BATES, J. M. & TURNER, D. A. Clarifying the distributions of Abyssinian Crimsonwing Cryptospiza salvadorii and Red-faced Crimsonwing C. reichenovii in Tanzania 127
PRŶS-JONES, R. Adding value to collections: improving the data associated with Crested Ibis Nipponia nippon specimens held in the Natural History Museum, Tring 137
BOESMAN, P. & COLLAR, N. J. Two undescribed species of bird from West Africa 147
FERREIRA, E. A., DE CASTRO, R., FERNANDES, R. & WHITTAKER, A. Two Palearctic herons on Fernando de Noronha, Brazil 160
BLACK, A. A new subspecies of White-eared Honeyeater Nesoptilotis leucotis (Meliphagidae) 164
FLOOD, R. L., DE LIMA, R. F., MELO, M., VERBELEN, P. & W. WAGSTAFF, H. What is known about the enigmatic Gulf of Guinea band-rumped storm petrels Hydrobates cf. castro? 173
Publication date for Volume 139 (3): 20 September 2019
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Volume 139 Number 3, pages 187–306 | PDF (27 Mb)
Club Announcements 187
WHITTAKER, A., DA SILVA, J. P. F., LUCIO, B. & KIRWAN, G. M. Old World vagrants on Fernando de Noronha, including two additions to the Brazilian avifauna, and predictions for potential future Palearctic vagrants 189
BROOKS, D. M., BUZZARD, P. J., LI, X. & BLEISCH, W. V. Galliform diversity in south-west Yunnan, China, with notes on Blood Pheasant Ithaginis cruentus and White Eared PheasantCrossoptilon crossoptilon biology 205
PRŶS-JONES, R. & WRIGHT, R. Rise and fall of the Harlequin Hummingbird ‘Trochilus multicolor’: a species that never was 215
BLACK, A. B., JANSEN, J. J. F. J., FRAHNERT, S. & JOHANSSON, U. S. Provisional identification of historical grasswren (Amytornis: Maluridae) specimens in European collections draws attention to the incomplete phylogeny of the group 228
HALLEY, M. R. The misidentification of Turdus ustulatus Nuttall, and the names of the nightingale-thrushes (Turdidae: Catharus) 238
LEE, M.  & CIBOIS, A. The earliest record of Raiatea or Leeward Society Islands Fruit Dove Ptilinopus chrysogaster 260
WOXVOLD, I. A., DIAMOND, J. M., BISHOP, K. D. & LEGRA, L. Avifauna of the Lake Kutubu Wildlife Management Area, Papua New Guinea 266
ENGLAND, J. Nesting behaviour of Natewa Silktail Lamprolia klinesmithi 293
DOWSETT, R. J. & DAVIES, G. B. P. Some additions to the avifauna of Central African Republic 303
Publication date for Volume 139 (4): 16 December 2019
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Volume 139 Number 4, pages 307–388 | PDF (28 Mb)
Club Announcements 307
DECICCO, L. H., BRADY, S. S., HAMILTON, S., HAVIMANA, A., MAPEL, X. M., MCCULLOUGH, J. M., OLSON, K. V., TIGULU, I. G., TRAVERS, S. L., TUGU, A., ANDERSEN, M. J. & MOYLE, R. G. Notes on the birds of Isabel, Solomon Islands, including the first record since 1927 of Island Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus maforensis. 311
GOMES, A. M. & LEITE, G. A. A nest of Yellow-margined Flatbill Tolmomyias assimilis 320
ALABAI, M., ESAU, T., KEKEUBATA, E., WANEAGEA, J., MACLAREN, D., MAJOR, R. E. & CALLAGHAN, C. T. First record of Solomons Nightjar Eurostopodus nigripennis for Malaita, with a description of its nest site 325
CHEKE, R. A., BARLOW, C. R. & MANN, C. F. Nesting dark-bibbed female Beautiful Long-tailed Sunbirds Cinnyris pulchellus and occurrence of dark bibs in both sexes of Beautiful Long-tailed and Gorgeous Sunbirds C. melanogastrus 328
SILVA E SILVA, R. & CARLOS, C. J. A Great Frigatebird Fregata minor at Fernando de Noronha archipelago, equatorial Atlantic Ocean 333
LIMA, J. M., GUIMARÃES, D. P. & GUILHERME, E. Notes on bird breeding activity in a lowland forest in south-west Brazilian Amazonia 338
ARNDT, T., COLLAR, N. J. & WINK, M. The taxonomy of Tanygnathus sumatranus 346
VAN GROUW, H. & DEKKERS, W. Various Gallus varius hybrids: variation in junglefowl hybrids and Darwin’s interest in them 355
Index to Volume 139 (2019) 372