Bulletin 131

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Vol. 131, 2011

Publication date for Volume 131 (1): 14 March 2011
Club Announcements 1
ARETA, J. I., NORIEGA, J. I., PAGANO, L. & ROESLER, I. Unravelling the ecological radiation of the capuchinos: systematics of Dark-throated Seedeater Sporophila ruficollis and description of a new dark-collared form 4
GREENEY, H. F., MARTIN, P. R., GELIS, R. A., SOLANO-UGALDE, A., BONIER, F., FREEMAN, B. & MILLER, E. T. Notes on the breeding of high-Andean birds in northern Ecuador 24
CIBOIS, A., THIBAULT, J.-C. & PASQUET, E. Molecular and morphological analysis of Pacific reed warbler specimens of dubious origin, including Acrocephalus luscinius astrolabii 32
MARANTZ, C. A., ASCANIO, D. & DANIELS, B. E. First records of White-winged Nyctibius leucopterus and Rufous Potoos N. bracteatus in Venezuela 41
PERRON, R. M. The taxonomic status of Casuarius bennetti papuanus and C. b. westermanni 54
BUDEN, D. W., WICHEP, J. & FAL’MNGAR, S. First record of Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio in the Federated States of Micronesia, with remarks on vagrants and recently established populations of rallids in Micronesia 59
TATAYAH, R. V., JONES, C. G., BIRCH, D. & SALAMOLARD, M. First record of Réunion Black Petrel Pseudobulweria aterrima on Mauritius 64
GREENEY, H. F. & JUIÑA J., M. E. First description of the nest of Undulated Antpitta Grallaria squamigera, from south-west Ecuador 67
CAMACHO, C. & WILSON, R. E. New record of Cinnamon Teal Anas cyanoptera in Ecuador 69
JANSEN, J. J. F. J. The Leverian Great Auk Alca impennis, its known history 72
Publication date for Volume 131 (2): 6 June 2011
Club Announcements 73
KIRWAN, G. M. External characters suggest that Long-tailed Manakin Chiroxiphia linearis is monotypic 76
LEADER, P. J. Taxonomy of the Pacific Swift Apus pacificus Latham, 1802, complex 81
MADIKA, B., PUTRA, D. D., HARRIS, J. B. C., YONG, D. L., MALLO, F. N., RAHMAN, A., PRAWIRADILAGA, D. M. & RASMUSSEN, P. C. An undescribed Ninox hawk owl from the highlands of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia? 94
DAVID, N. & GOSSELIN, M. Gender agreement of avian species-group names under Article 31.2.2 of the ICZN Code 103
PYLE, P. Nomenclature of the Laysan Honeycreeper Himatione [sanguineafraithii 116
HANDSCHUH, M., VAN ZALINGE, R. N., OLSSON, U., SAMPHOS, P., CHAMNAN, H. & EVANS, T. D. First confirmed record and first breeding record of Indian Spotted Eagle Aquila hastata in Indochina 118
BANKS, R. C. The type locality of the Olive Warbler (Peucedramidae) 122
TURNER, D. A., FINCH, B. W. & HUNTER, N. D. Remarks concerning the all-black coastal boubous (Laniarius spp.) of Kenya and southern Somalia 125
CLAESSENS, O., BRAMMER, F. P., DEVILLE, T. & RENAUDIER, A. First documented records of Pearly-breasted Cuckoo Coccyzus euleri for French Guiana, and an overlooked specimen from Ecuador 128
MÜLLER REBELATO, M., FONTANA, C. S., REPENNING, M. & HARTMANN, P. A. First documented record of Sharp-billed Canastero Asthenes pyrrholeuca in Brazil 134
Publication date for Volume 131 (3): 6 September 2011
Club Announcements 137
RODRÍGUEZ, B., SIVERIO, F., SIVERIO, M. & RODRÍGUEZ, A. Variable plumage coloration of breeding Barbary Falcons Falco (peregrinus)pelegrinoides in the Canary Islands: do other Peregrine Falcon subspecies also occur in the archipelago? 140
DOWSETT-LEMAIRE, F., DEMEY, R. & DOWSETT, R. J. On the voice, distribution and habitat of Baumann’s Greenbul Phyllastrephus baumanni 154
CARLOS, C. J. & VOISIN, J.-F. Charadrius wilsonia brasiliensis Grantsau & Lima, 2008, is a junior synonym ofCharadrius crassirostris Spix, 1825 165
LECROY, M. & JANSEN, J. J. F. J. Joannes Maximiliaan Dumas, bird collector in the East Indies and New Guinea 171
FÖRSCHLER, M. I., SHAW, D. N. & BAIRLEIN, F. Deuterium analysis reveals potential origin of the Fair Isle Citril Finch Carduelis citrinella 189
KIRWAN G. M. Notes on the nests of five species in south-eastern Ecuador, including the first breeding data for Black-and-white Tody-Tyrant Poecilotriccus capitalis 191
ZUCCON, D. Taxonomic notes on some Muscicapidae 196
ZUCCON, D. A new name for the Montserrat Forest Thrush 199
INGELS, J., DECHELLE, M. & BØGH, R. Little Wood Rail Aramides mangle, a Brazilian endemic, found in French Guiana 200
LÓPEZ-VICTORIA, M., KROLL, O. & ESTELA, F. A. Unusual offshore record of Snail Kite Rostrhamus sociabilis on Malpelo Island, Colombia, Eastern Tropical Pacific 202
DUTSON, G., GREGORY, P. & BOLES, W. Bismarck Crow Corvus (orruinsularis warrants species status 204
GREGORY, S. M. S. The authorship of the generic name Argusianus 206
MILLS, M. S. L. & VAZ, A. The nest and eggs of Margaret’s Batis Batis margaritae 208
GRAVES, G. R. Status of wood rails (Aramides) in north-west Peru 210
LEES, A. C. & VANDERWERF, E. A. First record of Blyth’s Pipit Anthus godlewskii for Micronesia 212
RUIZ-ESPARZA, J., DA ROCHA, P.A., RIBEIRO, A. D., FERRARI, S. F. & ARAUJO, H. F. P. Expansion of the known range of Tawny Piculet Picumnus fulvescens including the south bank of the São Francisco River in north-east Brazil 217
NOTTON, D. G. The availability and validity of the name Forpus flavicollis Bertagnolio & Racheli, 2010, for a parrotlet from Colombia 221
Publication date for Volume 131 (4): 6 December 2011
Club Announcements 227
SILVA, M., ALBUQUERQUE FRANÇA, B. R., LIMA HAGI, L. Y. G., NETO, M. R., OLIVEIRA, D. V. & PICHORIM, M. New sites and range extensions for endemic and endangered birds in extreme north-east Brazil 234
BUITRÓN-JURADO, G. Interesting distributional records of Amazonian birds from Pastaza, Ecuador 241
SOLANO-UGALDE, A. Notes on the distribution and natural history of bird species in the Chocó bioregion of Ecuador 249
PRŶS-JONES, R. P. Type specimens of the Imperial Woodpecker Campephilus imperialis (Gould, 1832) 256
BONACCORSO, E., ARZUZA, D., BUITRÓN-JURADO, G., CHARPENTIER, A. L., JUIÑA, M., PIEDRAHÍA, P. & FREILE, J. F. Range extensions and other noteworthy bird records from the Ecuadorian Andes 261
MARÍN, M. On the breeding biology of Yellowish Flycatcher Empidonax flavescens in Costa Rica 266
SHIRIHAI, H., KIRWAN, G. M. & HELBIG, A. J. A new taxon in the Mourning Wheatear Oenanthe lugens complex 270
MLÍKOVSKÝ, J. The authorship and type locality of Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis 292
WOXWOLD, I. A. & CROME, F. H. J. First description of the nest and egg of Orange-crowned Fairy-wren Clytomyias insignis, from the southern highlands of Papua New Guinea 296
Index for Volume 131 (2011) 299