Bulletin 127

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Vol. 127, 2007

Club Announcements 1
PAYNE, R. B. & SORENSON, M. D. Integrative systematics at the species level: plumage, songs and molecular phylogeny of quailfinches Ortygospiza 4
VIET, R. R., HYRENBACH, K. D. & MARTIN, M.-C. Records of rare birds in the Indian Ocean during the austral summer of 2003–05 27
SÁNCHEZ-GONZÁLEZ, L. G., NAVARRO-SIGÜENZA, A. G., PETERSON, A. T. & GARCÍA-MORENO, J. Taxonomy of Chlorospingus ophthalmicus in Mexico and northern Central America 34
TOBIAS, J. A. & SEDDON, N. Nine bird species new to Bolivia and notes on other significant records 49
Club Announcements 85
COLLAR, N. J. Taxonomic notes on some insular Loriculus hanging-parrots 97
BACCETTI, N., MASSA, B. & VIOLANI, C. Proposed synonymy of Sylvia cantillans moltonii
Orlando, 1937, with Sylvia cantillans subalpina Temminck, 1820
CLARK, W. S. Taxonomic status and distribution of Mangrove Black HawkButeogallus (anthracinussubtilis 110
O’SHEA, B. J., MILENSKY, C. M., CLARAMUNT, S., SCHMIDT, B. K., GEBHARD, C. A., SCHMITT, C. G. & ERSKINE, K. T. New records for Guyana, with description of the voice of Roraiman Nightjar Caprimulgus whitelyi 118
LINDSELL, J. A. The status of Chattering Cisticola Cisticola anonymus in Upper Guinea 129
McALLAN, I. A. W. Existing usage and the names of some Australian birds 136
OSCHADLEUS, H. D. The type-localities of six of Sir Andrew Smith’s Ploceidae specimens 145
MÚNERA-ROLDÁN, C., CODY, M. L., SCHIELE-ZAVALA, R. H., SIGEL, B. J., WOLTMANN, S. & KJELDSEN, J. P. New and noteworthy records of birds from south-eastern Nicaragua 152
JAHN, O., PALACIOS, B. & MENA VALENZUELA, P. Ecology, population and conservation status of the Chocó Vireo Vireo masteri, a species new to Ecuador 161
STEINHEIMER, F. D. & SAMMLER, S. First record of Verreaux’s Eagle Aquila verreauxii in Cameroon 167
Club Announcements 169
DONEGAN, T. M., AVENDAÑO, J. E., BRICEÑO, E. R. & HUERTAS, B. Range extensions, taxonomic and ecological notes from Serranía de los Yariguíes, Colombia’s new national park 172
ECHEVERRY-GALVIS, M. Á. & CÓRDOBA-CÓRDOBA, S. New distributional and other bird records from Tatamá Massif, West Andes, Colombia 213
OLSON, S. L. Alca antiqua (Marsh, 1870), an invalid combination for a fossil auk (Alcidae) 225
WALTERS, M., RUSSELL, D. G. D., STEINHEIMER, F. D. & QUAISSER, C. The eggs of the Canarian (or Meade-Waldo’s) Black Oystercatcher Haematopus meadewaldoi 226
VOGT, C. A. Range extensions and noteworthy records for mainland Ecuador 228
VOGEL, C. J. & MAILLARD, O. First record of Tyrannine Woodcreeper Dendrocincla tyrannina for Bolivia 233
GREENEY, H. F. & GELIS, R. A. Breeding records from the north-east Andean foothills of Ecuador 236
ALEIXO, A., GREGORY, S. M. S. & PENHALLURICK, J. P. Fixation of the type species and revalidation of the genusDendroplex Swainson, 1827 (Dendrocolaptidae) 242
JANNI, O. & PULCHER, C. Reidentification of Ecuadorian specimens of Cinereous BecardPachyramphus rufus as Chestnut-crowned Becard P. castaneus 246
WALTERS, M. The correct name of the Guianan Toucanet: Selenidera culik(Wagler) not S. piperivorus (Linnaeus) 247
SANTOS, M. P. D. & VASCONCELOS, M. F. Range extension for Kaempfer’s Woodpecker
Celeus obrieni in Brazil, with the first male specimen
Club Announcements 253
DONEGAN, T. M. A new species of brush finch (Emberizidae: Atlapetes) from the northern Central Andes of Colombia 255
SCHODDE, R., BOCK, W. J. & STEINHEIMER, F. Stabilising the nomenclature of Australasian birds by invalidation and suppression of disused and dubious senior names 268
RUIZ-GUERRA, C., JOHNSTON-GONZÁLEZ, R., CIFUENTES-SARMIENTO, Y., ESTELA, F. A., CASTILLO, L. F., HERNÁNDEZ, C. E. & NARANJO, L. G. Noteworthy bird records from the southern Chocó of Colombia 283
TOBIAS, J. A. & SEDDON, N. Ornithological notes from southern Bolívia 293
TRAINOR, C. R. Birds of Damar Island, Banda Sea, Indonesia 300
GREGORY, S. M. S., DICKINSON, E. C. & VOISIN, C. The genus Macropygia Swainson, 1837, and its type species 321
CRAVINO, J. & CLARAMUNT, S. First records of Red-eyed Thornbird Phacellodomus erythrophthalmus ferrugineigula and Pale-breasted ThrushTurdus leucomelas for Uruguay 327
Index for Volume 127 (2007) 330