Bulletin 126

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Vol. 126, 2006

Club Announcements 1
SÁNCHEZ OSÉS, C. A new subspecies of Buff-winged Starfrontlet Coeligena lutetiae from the north-west Andes of Ecuador 4
CLEERE, N. A new subspecies of Band-winged Nightjar Caprimulgus longirostrisfrom central Chile 12
HERROELEN, P. Further annotations and an addition to the avifauna of the Democratic Republic of Congo 19
GREENEY, H. F. & NUNNERY, T. Notes on the breeding of north-west Ecuadorian birds 38
CLARAMUNT, S., ROCHA, G. & ALDABE, J. The occurrence of Sporophila hypochroma and
S. hypoxantha in Uruguay
BATES, J. M. The seasonal movements of southern populations of Dull-coloured Grassquit Tiaris obscura obscura 50
BUGONI, L. Great-winged Petrel Pterodroma macroptera in Brazil 52
COWAN, P. J. Arid-land birds and the nomadism concept 55
DICKINSON, E. C. & WATLING, D. The valid specific name of the Streaked Fantail 59
MACK, A. L. & OPPEL, S. Nidification of Dwarf Whistler Pachycare flavogriseum, a little-known New Guinea endemic 61
CABOT, J., DE VRIES, T. & STILES, F. G. Aberrant distributional records of Cordilleran Buzzard (Hawk) Buteo poecilochrous in Colombia reflect confusion with White-tailed Buzzard (Hawk) B. albicaudatus 65
OLSON, S. Reflections on the systematics of Accipiter and the genus for Falco superciliosus Linnaeus 69
DASZKIEWICZ, P. & DE MASSARY, J.-C. Overlooked historical testimony as to the presence of Red-billed Tropicbird Phaeton aethereus in French Guiana 71
GJERSHAUG, J. O., FORSET, O. A., WOLDVIK, K. & ESPMARK, Y. Hybridisation between Common Buzzard Buteo buteo and Rough-legged Buzzard B. lagopus in Norway 73
Club Announcements 83
DONEGAN, T. M. & HUERTAS, B. A new brush-finch in the Atlapetes latinuchus complex from the Yariguíes Mountains and adjacent Eastern Andes of Colombia 94
BECKING, J.-H. Notes on Waterfall Swift Hydrochous gigas : I. Occurrence and nesting 117
BECKING, J.-H. Notes on Waterfall Swift Hydrochous gigas : II. Nestling plumage and phylogenetic relationships 123
BUDEN, D. W. The birds of Satawan Atoll and the Mortlock Islands , Chuuk, including the first record of Tree Martin Hirundo nigricans in Micronesia 137
CISNEROS-HEREDIA, D. F. Notes on breeding, behaviour and distribution of some birds in Ecuador 153
Club Announcements 165
WALTERS, M. The birds of Mark Catesby’s The natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands
STEINHEIMER, F., DICKINSON, E. C. & WALTERS, M. The zoology of the HMS Beagle. Part III. Birds: new avian names, their authorship and their dates 167
CÓRDOBA-CÓRDOBA, S. & ECHEVERRY-GALVIS, M. A. Two new hummingbirds for Colombia, Many-spotted HummingbirdTaphrospilus hypostictus and Violet-chested HummingbirdSternoclyta cyanopectus 194
PITTIE, A. & DICKINSON, E. C. The correct name of the Sri Lankan Woodpigeon and the citation for its original description 196
MANN, C. F. & CHEKE, R. A. The validity of the sunbird genus Hedydipna 199
THIBAULT, J.-C. & CIBOIS, A. The natural history and conservation of Acrocephalus rimitarae, the endemic reed-warbler of Rimatara Island, Oceania 201
SÖZER, R., SHEPHERD, C. R. & DARJONO. First description of male Hoogerwerf’s Pheasant
Lophura (inornatahoogerwerfi (Chasen, 1939), with notes on distribution
VASCONCELOS, M. F., D’ANGELO NETO, S., KIRWAN, G. M., BORNSCHEIN, M. R., DINIZ, M. G. & FRANCISCO DA SILVA, J. Important ornithological records from Minas Gerais state, Brazil 212
VÄLI, Ü. Mitochondrial DNA sequences support species status for the Indian Spotted Eagle Aquila hasitata 238
PACHECO, J. F. & WHITNEY, B. M. Mandatory changes to the scientific names of three Neotropical birds 242
Club Announcements 245
LEADER, P. J. Sympatric breeding of two Spot-billed Duck Anas poecilorhyncha taxa in southern China 248
DUCKWORTH, J. W. Records of some bird species hitherto rarely found in DPR Korea 252
ECHEVERRY-GALVIS, M. Á., CÓRDOBA-CÓRDOBA, S., PERAZA, C. A., PIEDAD BAPTISTE, M. & AHUMADA, J. A. Body weights of 98 species of Andean cloud-forest
DUTSON, G. The Pacific shrikebills (Clytorhynchus) and the case for species status for the form sanctaecrucis 299
DEAN, W. R. J. Clarification of the type-locality of Temminck’s Courser Cursorius temminckii damarensis Reichenow, 1900 309
FISHPOOL, L. D. C. Is the bulbul Phyllastrephus lorenzi a good species? 310
OLSON, S. L. Possible etymology of the generic name s for the Anianiau (Drepanidini) 323