Bulletin 125

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Vol. 125, 2005

Club News 1
EISERMANN, K. Noteworthy bird observations in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala 3
SYMES, C. T. & MARSDEN, S. J. Notes on breeding of Salvadori’s Teal Anas waiguiensis and other birds in Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Papua New Guinea 11
CLEERE, N. On the type series of Macropsalis kalinowskii (Berlepsch & Stolzmann 1894) (Caprimulgidae) 27
OLSON, S. L., FLEISCHER, R. C., FISHER, C. T. & BERMINGHAM, E. Expunging the ‘Mascarene starling’ Necropsar leguati: archives, morphology and molecules topple a myth 31
DEAN, W. R. J. The type locality of the Hadeda Ibis Bostrychia hagedash (Latham) 42
POWELL, B. F. First description of the nest of Buff-tailed Sicklebill Eutoxeres condamini 44
SCHODDE, R. & DICKINSON, E. C. The valid name for the north-west Australian subspecies of the Shining Flycatcher Myiagra alecto (Monarchidae) 47
KING, B. The taxonomic status of the three subspecies of Cuculus saturatus 48
CÓRDOBA, S. & AHUMADA, J. A. Confirmation of Buff-fronted Owl Aegolius harrisii for the Cordillera Oriental of Colombia 56
PETERSON, A. T. & BRISBIN JR., I. L. Phenotypic status of Red Junglefowl Gallus gallus populations introduced on Pacific islands 59
CLEERE, N. A review of the type material of the Oilbird Steatornis caripensis 62
FRAGA, R. M. & BATES, J. M. Two unreported specimens of Ochre-breasted Pipit Anthus nattereri from a new Brazilian locality 66
KIRWAN, G. M. & GREGORY, S. M. S. A new genus for the Mongolian Finch Bucanetes mongolicus (Swinhoe, 1870) 68
Club Announcements 81
KRABBE, N., SALAMAN, P., CORTÉS, A., QUEVEDO, A., ORTEGA, L. A. & CADENA, C. D. A new species of Scytalopus tapaculo from the upper Magdalena Valley, Colombia 93
WHITNEY, B. M. Clytoctantes (atrogularis?) in Amazonas, Brazil, and its relationship to Neoctantes niger (Thamnophilidae) 108
GREENEY, H. F. The nest, eggs and incubation behaviour of Sickle-winged Guan Chamaepetes goudotii fagani in western Ecuador 113
SHAW, P., MUNGAYA, E., MBILINYI, N. & MBILINYI, M. The voice and bill length of Karamoja Apalis Apalis karamojae are atypical of the genus 116
CLEERE, N. The types of nightjars (Caprimulgidae) described by Sir Andrew Smith in the Illustrations of the zoology of South Africa 122
GREENEY, H. F., MARTIN, P. R., DOBBS, R. C., LYSINGER, M. & GELIS, R. A. Observations on the breeding of Basileuterus warblers in Ecuador 129
WELLER, A.-A. A hummingbird species new to Peru: range extension for the Greenish Puffleg Haplophaedia aureliae 136
CARLOS, C. J., FEDRIZZI, C. E. & AZEVEDO-JÚNIOR, S. M. DE. Notes on some seabirds of Pernambuco state, north-east Brazil 140
CABOT, J. & DE VRIES, T. On the type locality of the Cordilleran Buzzard Buteo poecilochrous 147
CLARK, W. S. Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis is monotypic 149
LONGMORE, N. W. & SILVEIRA, L. F. A replacement name for Xiphorhynchus fuscus brevirostris (Pinto 1938) 153
OLSON, S. L. First occurrence of Gygis microrhyncha in the Hawaiian Islands 155
CLEERE, N. Previously overlooked museum specimens of White-winged Potoo Nyctibius leucopterus Wied 1821 157
STEINHEIMER, F. D. The nomenclature of Eduard Rüppell’s birds from north-east Africa 164
ROBBINS, M. B. & ZIMMER, K. J Taxonomy, vocalisations and natural history of Philydor dimidiatum (Furnariidae), with comments on the systematics of Syndactyla and Simoxenops 212
PENHALLURICK, J. & WALTERS, M. Some taxonomic comments on the genus Polyplectron (Phasianidae) 228
CABOT, J. & URDIALES, C. The subspecific status of Sardinian Warblers Sylvia melanocephala in the Canary Islands with the description of a new subspecies from Western Sahara 230
Club Announcements 241
MCGHIE, H. Specimens of extinct and endangered birds in the collections of The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester, UK 247
KRABBE, N. & SCHULENBERG, T. S. A mystery solved: the identity and distribution of Kalinowski’s Tinamou Nothoprocta kalinowskii 253
HALE, W. G., SCARTON, F. & VALLE, R. The taxonomic status of the Redshank Tringa totanus in Italy 261
SCHERZINGER, W. Remarks on Sichuan Wood Owl Strix uralensis davidi from observations in south-west China 275
FRAGA, R. M. A new generic name for the Solitary Cacique 286
CARLOS, C. J., VOISIN, J.-F. & VOOREN, C. M. Records of Southern Giant Petrel Macronectes giganteus solanderi and Northern Giant Petrel M. halli off southern Brazil 288
CHEKE, A. S. Naming segregates from the Columba-Streptopelia pigeons following DNA studies on phylogeny 293
DOWSETT, R. J. & DOWSETT-LEMAIRE, F. On the apparent status of Mottled Swift Apus (Tachymarptis) aequatorialis and Alpine Swift A. (T.) melba in Mali , West Africa 296
MAYR, G. & MOURER-CHAUVIRÉ, C. A specimen of Parvicuculus Harrison & Walker 1977 (Aves: Parvicuculidae) from the early Eocene of France 299
DOWSETT-LEMAIRE, F., BORROW, N. & DOWSETT, R. J. Cisticola dorsti (Dorst’s Cisticola) and C. ruficeps guinea are conspecific 305
VASCONCELOS, M. F. A range extension for Dusky-tailed Flatbill Ramphotrigon fuscicauda in eastern Amazonia 314
WALTERS, M. The eggs of Corvus tristis and Corvus moneduloides 315
DICKINSON, E. C. The correct authorship of the name Astur kienerii (Rufous-bellied Hawk Eagle) 317