Bulletin 123

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Vol. 123, 2003

Club News 1
CUERVO, A. M., STILES, F. G. CADENA, C. D., TORO, J. L. & LONDOÑO, G. A. New and noteworthy bird records from the northern sector of the Western Andes of Colombia 7
BRAUN, M. J., ROBBINS, M. B., MILENSKY, C. M., O’SHEA, B. J., BARBER, B. R., HINDS, W. & PRINCE, W. S. New birds for Guyana from Mts Roraima and Ayanganna 24
PENHALLURICK, J. Notes on some genera and subgenera of rails (Rallidae) 33
CHIOZZI, G. & DE MARCHI, G. Confirmed breeding record of the Crab Plover Dromas ardeola in Eritrea 46
SALEWSKI, V., FALK, K. H., BAIRLEIN, F. & LEISLER, B. Gambaga Flycatcher Muscicapa gambagae: evidence for migration in West Africa 48
FJELDSA, JON & KIURE, JACOB A New Population of the Udzungwa Forest Partridge 52
SCHULENBERG, T. S. & SALAMAN, P. Specimen record of Black-whiskered Vireo Vireo altiloquus in Peru is erroneous 57
CLEERE, N. & WALTERS, M. A revision of the type specimens of the Spotted Nightjar Eurostopodus argus(Caprimulgidae) 59
IBAÑEZ-HERNÁNDEZ, G., BENÍTEZ-DÍAZ, H., PETERSON, A.T. & NAVARRO S., A.G. A further specimen of the White-fronted Swift Cypseloides storeri 62
Club News 65
Erratum 77
PÉREZ-EMÁN, J, SHARPE, C.J., LENTINO R., M, PRUM, R.O. & CARREÑO F., I.J. New records of birds from the summit of Cerro Guaiquinima, Estado Bolívar, Venezuela 79
WORTHY, T.H. A new extinct species of snipe Coenocorypha from Vitilevu, Fiji 90
WHITNEY, B.M., PACHECO, J.F., MOREIRA DA FONSECA, P.S., WEBSTER, R.E., KIRWAN, G.M. & BARNETT, J.M. Reassignment of Chordeiles vielliardi Lencioni-Neto, 1994, to Nyctiprogne Bonaparte, 1857, with comments on the latter genus and some presumably related chordeilines (Caprimulgidae) 103
LAHTI, D.C. & PAYNE, R.B. Morphological and behavioural evidence of relationships of the Cuckoo Finch Anomalospiza imberbis. 113
HALLAGER, S. A description of copulation in the Kori Bustard Ardeotis kori struthiunculus 125
BARNETT, J.M. On the migratory status of the Patagonian population of the Striped Woodpecker Picoides lignarius 130
DOWSETT, R.J. & JOBLING, J.A. Bertram Lutley Sclater and Bertram’s Weaver Ploceus bertrandi 135
Club News 137
VIOLANI, C. G. & BARBAGLI, F. The international importance of bird collections in Italian museums 143
COLLAR, N. J. The oldest egg in the Natural History Museum 153
MEADOWS, B. S. Additional distributional records from the central Hejaz, western Arabia – an addendum to Baldwin & Meadows (1988) 154
MACK, A. L. & SCHOLES, E., III Nesting activity of Wallace’s Wren Sipodotus wallacii in Crater Mountain, Papua New Guinea 177
CLEERE, N. The Pennant-winged Nightjar Macrodipteryx vexillarius(Caprimulgidae), its generic status, synonyms and types 181
SHORT, L. L. & HORNE, J. F.M. A Kenya nest and behavioural notes on the Green-headed Sunbird Cyanomitra (Nectarinia) verticalis 186
CABOT, J. & DE VRIES, T. Buteo polyosoma and Buteo poecilochrous are two distinct species 190
HUME, J. P. & PETERSON, A. The correct publication date of Aplonis corvina (Kittlitz, 1833) 207
Club News 209
Merton, D & Bell, M New seabird records from Round Island, Mauritius 212
Round, P D & Pattanavibool, A The discovery of the Long-tailed Wren Babbler Spelaeornis chocolatinus in Thailand 215
Steinheimer, F D, Easton, E R & Lewthwaite, R W Rediscovery of John Crampton W. Kershaw’s birds from Macau, including his record of Small Niltava Niltava macgrigoriae 220
Roda, S A, Carlos, J C & Rodrigues, R C New and noteworthy records for some endemic and threatened birds of the Atlantic forest of north-eastern Brazils 227
Beadle, D, Grosset, A, Kirwan, G M & Minns, J Range extension for the Manu Antbird Cercomacra manu in north Brazil 236
Dean, W R J, Walters M P, & Dowsett R J Records of birds breeding collected by Dr W. Ansorge in Angola and Gabon 239
Bourne, W R P, Ashmole, N P, Ashmole M J & Simmons, K E L. The distribution of guano and bird bones on Ascension Island, South Atlantic Ocean 250
Cibois, A Sylvia is a babbler: taxonomic implications for the families Sylviidae and Timaliidae 257
Weller A.-A & Rengifo G, C. Notes on the avifauna of the Cordillera de Mérida, Venezuela 261
Frith, C B A nest of the Greater Bird of Paradise Paradisaea apoda 271
Woodcock, M W Systematics and confusion in the genus Parmoptila 274
Herroelen, P Reidentification of two Nyanza Swifts from the Congo basin 278
Bauernfeind, E & Schifter, H Oceanodroma castro (HARCOURT, 1851) – nomen protectum 280
Mena V, P & Jahn, O First record of the Whistling Heron Syrigma sibilatrix for XXX 285
Steinheimer, F D A second hornbill head from Sir Hans Sloane’s (1660-1753) Museum 287