Bulletin 114

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Vol. 114, 1994

BARAJAS, F. C. & PHILLIPS, A. R. A Haplospiza finch in western Mexico: the lessons of an enigma 36
BECKING, J. H. On the biology of the Javan Scops Owl Otus angelinae 211
BRUDERER, B. & BRUDERER, H. Numbers of Red-backed Shrikes Lanius collurio in different habitats of South Africa 192
CLANCEY, P. A. The austral races of the Afrotropical Fiery-necked Nightjar Caprimulgus pectoralis Cuvier, 1816 48
CLANCEY, P. A. An additional subspecies of the Croaking Cisticola from the temperate uplands of southern Africa 86
CLANCEY, P. A. Subspeciation in Erythropygia coryphoeus (Vieillot) of the Southwest Arid Zone of Africa 224
CLANCEY, P. A. The type-locality of Nectarinia senegalensis gutturalis (Linnaeus), 1766 278
CLUB NOTICES: Accounts 140
CLUB NOTICES: Annual General Meeting held 24.5.94 137
CLUB NOTICES: Meetings 3
CLUB NOTICES: Meetings 65
CLUB NOTICES: Meetings 138
CLUB NOTICES: Meetings 209
CLUB NOTICES: Report of the Committee for 1993 1
DAVIS, S. E., ROCHA O., O., SARMIENTO, J. & HANAGARTH, W. New departmental records and notes for some Bolivian birds 73
DAVIS, S. E. & FLORES, E. First record of White-winged Nightjar Caprimulgus candicans for Bolivia 127
DICKERMAN, R. W. Notes on birds from Africa with descriptions of three new subspecies 274
DICKERMAN, R. W., CANE, W. P., CARTER, M. F., CHAPMAN, A. & SCHMITT, C. G. Report on three collections of birds from Liberia 267
ERRITZOE, J. First record of the Dunlin from the Philippines 128
FRITH, C. B. & FRITH, D. W. Discovery of nests and an egg of Loria’s Bird of Paradise Cnemophilus (Loria) loriae (Paradisaeidae) 182
GAITHER, Jr., J. C. Weights of Bornean understory birds 89
GARGALLO, G. On the taxonomy of the western Mediterranean islands population of Subalpine Warbler Sylvia cantillans 31
GIBBS, D. Undescribed taxa and new records from the Fakfak Mountains, Irian Jaya 4
GREGORY, P. Notes on new and scarce birds in the Falkland Islands 1988-90 12
HAWKINS, F. Black-naped Tern Sterna sumatrana in Madagascar 130
HERREMANS, M. Major concentration of River Warblers Locustella fluviatilis wintering in northern Botswana 24
HERREMANS, M., HUNTER, N. D. & ALLAN, D. The display of the Short-clawed Lark Certhilauda chuana and comments on the genus Certhilauda 27
HOOGENDOORN, W. Laughing Gull Larus atricilla and Franklin’s Gull L. pipixcanin the Ecuadorian Andes 206
HOWELL, S. N. G. & WEBB, S. Additional information on the birds of Guerrero, Mexico 232
KING, J. R. An undescribed plumage character of the Irish Coal Tit Parus ater hibernicus 174
KRABBE, N. & SORNOZA, M. F. Avifaunistic results of a subtropical camp in the Cordillera del Condor, southeastern Ecuador 55
LEE, P. G. & KANG, N. The reproductive strategies of edible-nest swiftlets (Aerodramusspp.) 106
LOUETTE, M. & HERROELEN, P. A revised key for Cercococcyx cuckoos, taxonomic status of C. montanus patulus and its occurrence in Zaire 144
McGOWAN, P J. K. & PANCHEN, A. L. Plumage variation and geographical distribution in Kalij and Silver Pheasants 113
MACK, A. L. Notes on the nests and eggs of some birds at the Crater Mountain Research Station, Papua New Guinea 176
MARANTZ, C. A. & REMSEN, J. V. Jr. First records of Tangara cyanicollis melanogaster from Bolivia 230
MARTIN, C. G. C., UNDERHILL, G. D. & UNDERHILL, L. G. Garden Warblers Sylvia borin in the southwestern Cape Province, South Africa 104
MARTINS, R. P. & HIRSCHFELD, E. Where are the limits of the Western Palearctic? 207
MAYR, E. & GERLOFF, J. The number of subspecies of birds 244
MOYER, D. C. & SCHULENBERG, T. S. First record of the Chirping Cisticola Cisticola pipiens from Burundi 63
OLSON, S. L. Cranial osteology of Tawny and Steppe Eagles Aquila rapax and A. nipalensis 264
PHILLIPS, A. R. A review of the northern Pheucticus grosbeaks 162
POTAPOV, E. R. Birds of the Lower Kolyma River, northeast Siberia 66
RENJIFO M., L. M. First records of the Bay-vented Cotinga Doliornis sclateri in Colombia 101
RINKE, D. R. Again: the English name of Gallicolumba stairii 130
ROBERTSON, C. J. R. & WARHAM, J. Measurements of Diomedea exulans antipodensis and D. e. gibsoni 132
RYALL, C. Recent extensions of range in the House Crow Corvus splendens 90
SOMADIKARTA, S. The identity of the Marquesan Swiftlet Collocalia ocista Oberholser 259
STRAUBE, F. C. On the validity of Anumbius annumbi machrisi Stager, 1959 (Furnariidae, Aves) 46
STUDER, A. & TEIXEIRA, D. M. Notes on the Buff-fronted Owl Aegolius harrisiiin Brazil 62
TEIXEIRA, D. M., NACINOVIC, J. B. & MARTI, F. M. Notes on the Black-throated Antwren Myrmeciza atrothorax and Spot-breasted Antwren M. stictothorax in Brazil 20
TOYNE, E. P. & JEFFCOTE, M. T. Nesting records of Pionus species in southern Ecuador 124
VILLASENOR, J. F. & PHILLIPS, A. R. A new, puzzling, American route of the Arctic Tern Sterna paradisaea, and its implications 249
WHITNEY, B. M., ROWLETT, J. L. & ROWLETT, R. A. Distributional and other noteworthy records for some Bolivian birds 149
WHITTINGHAM, M. J. Observations at a nest of the Pacific Royal Flycatcher Onychorhynchus coronatus occidentalis 131
WIMER, M. C. & COLLINS, C. T. Natal pterylosis of some neotropical thrushes (Muscicapidae: Turdinae) 170
ZHATKANBAYEV, A. H. The present state of pelican populations (Pelecanus onocrotalus and P. crispus) in Kazakhstan 202