BOC Bulletin Downloads

  • The paper, ‘A new taxon of Collared Petrel Pterodroma brevipes from the Banks Islands, Vanuatu, published in Vol. 130(4) of the Bulletin, can be downloaded here (740kb pdf)
  • The paper, ‘House Sparrows Passer domesticus in Japan, published in Vol. 130(4) of the Bulletin, can be downloaded here (202kb pdf)
  • The paper, ‘The eggs of the extinct Egyptian population of White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla’, published in Vol. 130(3) of the Bulletin, can be downloaded here (388kb pdf)
  • The paper, ‘First observations at sea of Vanuatu Petrel Pterodroma (cervicalisocculta published in Vol. 130(2) of the Bulletin, can be downloaded here (611kb pdf)
  • The paper, ‘A cat among the pigeons! Known specimens and supposed distribution of the extinct Solomons Crested PigeonMicrogoura meeki Rothschild, 1904′, published in Vol. 129(4) of the Bulletin, can be downloaded here (423kb pdf)
  • The paper, ‘First observations of Fiji Petrel Pseudobulweria macgillivrayi at sea: off Gau Island, Fiji, in May 2009′, published in Vol. 129(3) of the Bulletin, can be downloaded here (435kb pdf)
  • The paper, ‘Removal of Black Crake Amaurornis flavirostris from the Western Palearctic list, and the first record of Lesser Moorhen Gallinula angulata for Madeira’, published in Vol. 129(2) of the Bulletin, can be downloaded here (285kb pdf).
  • A full colour version of the paper, ‘An Abbott’s Booby Papasula abbottion Rota, Mariana Islands: first historical record for the Pacific Ocean’, published in Vol. 129(2) of the Bulletin, can be downloaded here (1.31Mb pdf).
  • Unfortunately in Vol. 129(1) of the Bulletin, in the paper ‘A new subspecies of Brown-banded Antpitta Grallaria milleri from Antioquia, Colombia’ one of the plates was reproduced incorrectly. The paper with the correct version of the plate can be downloaded as a .pdf file (665kb) here.

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