The Bulletin

Latest issue of the Bulletin now available

The latest issue of the BOC Bulletin (Vol. 136, No. 4 – December 2016) is now available and contains nine papers of wide interest, ranging from Notes on the avifauna of the northern Serranía de Pirre, Panama by Jack P. Hruska, Sarah A. Dzielski, Benjamin M. Van Doren & Justin M. Hite to First record [Click title to read more…]

Further records and updates of range expansion in House Crow

A paper in Bull. B.O.C. 2016 136(1) by Colin Ryall reviews the continuing spread of House Crow Corvus splendens across the globe, as well as changes in the status of existing populations.

Summary—House Crow Corvus splendens continues its ship-assisted global invasion, reaching locations further from its native range in the Indian Subcontinent. This report reviews [Click title to read more…]

British Birds—new monthly newsletter

Many members of the British Ornithologists’ Club will already be subscribers to British Birds or may have taken up trial offers available recently. Whether you subscribe or not, however, you may like to receive their free e-newsletter every month. This offers a flavour of what has been published recently and what is in the pipeline [Click title to read more…]

Large-scale live capture of Passenger Pigeons for sporting purposes

A paper in Bull. B.O.C. 2015 135(2) by Julian P. Hume details overlooked illustrated documentation of large-scale live capture of Passenger Pigeons for sporting purposes.

Summary—More has been written concerning the extinction of Passenger Pigeon Ectopistes migratorius than any other extinct bird; the effects of trapping live birds for the shooting industry in the latter [Click title to read more…]