Bulletin 133

Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Vol. 133, 2013

Publication date for Volume 132 (1): 1 March 2013
Club Announcements 1
FREEMAN, B. G., CLASS, A., MANDEVILLE, J., TOMASSI, S. & BEEHLER, B. M. Ornithological survey of the mountains of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea 4
SMITH, P., PEARMAN, M. & BETUEL, A. An unusual record of Quebracho Crested Tinamou Eudromia formosa from the dry Chaco of Paraguay, with comments on distribution, breeding and vocalisations of the species 15
BLACK, A., SCHODDE, R. & PRÉVIATO, A. Early grasswren specimens in Muséum ational d’Histoire naturelle, Paris, and the types of Western Grasswren Amytornis textilis (Maluridae) 24
ROBBINS, M. B., SCHULENBERG, T. S., LANE, D. F., CUERVO, A. M., BINFORD, L. C., NYÁRI, Á. S., COMBE, M., ARBELÁEZ-CORTÉS, E., WEHTJE, W. & LIRA-NORIEGA, A. Abra Maruncunca, dpto. Puno, Peru, revisited: vegetation cover and avifauna changes over a 30-year period 31
COOPER, J. H. & ARMITAGE, P. L. A parrot of the Caribbean? A remarkable find from a 17th-century Spanish shipwreck 52
JANSEN, J. J. F. J. & ROE, R. S. Tracking Cook’s third voyage (1776–79) Hawaiian Rails Porzana sandwichensis, with some comments on their type status 59
GUILHERME, E. & SOUZA SANTOS, G. A new locality and habitat type for Rondônia Bushbird Clytoctantes atrogularis 68
FJELDSÅ, J., MAYR, G., JØNSSON, K. A. & IRESTEDT, M. On the true identity of Bluntschli’s Vanga Hypositta perdita Peters, 1996, a presumed extinct species of Vangidae 72
MCDONALD, H. G. & MACVAUGH, F. Notice of location of holotypes of two Miocene fossil birds 75
SCHULENBERG, T. S. The type locality of Plain-breasted Piculet Picumnus castelnau is valid 77
LECROY, M. On a possible type specimen of Tropidorhynchus fuscicapillus Wallace, 1862, in New York 78
Publication date for Volume 133 (2): 14 June 2013
Club Announcements 81
THIBAULT, M., DEFOS DU RAU, P., PINEAU, O. & PANGIMANGEN, W. New and interesting records for the Obi archipelago (north Maluku, Indonesia), including field observations and first description of the vocalisation of Moluccan Woodcock Scolopax rochussenii 83
JACKSON, H. D. The taxonomic status of the Black-shouldered Nightjar Caprimulgus nigriscapularis Reichenow, 1893 116
WILEY, J. W. & KIRWAN, G. M. The extinct macaws of the West Indies, with special reference to Cuban MacawAra tricolor 125
KOPIJ, G. Extent of overlap between two Common Fiscal Lanius collaris subspecies in Lesotho 157
Mann, C. F. First record of Oriental Cuckoo Cuculus saturatus optatus in Africa 161
Publication date for Volume 133 (3): 3 September 2013
Club Announcements 165
THIBAULT, J.-C., CIBOIS, A., BUTAUD, J.-F., JACQ, F. A., POROI, E. & MEYER, J.-Y. Breeding birds of Hatuta’a, Marquesas Islands: species inventory and influence of drought on their abundance 168
LEES, A. C., ZIMMER, K. J., MARANTZ, C. A., WHITTAKER, A., DAVIS, B. J. W. & WHITNEY, B. M. Alta Floresta revisited: an updated review of the avifauna of the most intensively surveyed locality in south-central Amazonia 178
SVENSSON, L. A taxonomic revision of the Subalpine Warbler Sylvia cantillans 240
GUILHERME, E. A range extension for Várzea Thrush Turdus sanchezorum in south-west Amazonia 249
NOCEDAL, J. & CASILLAS, F. A Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe in mainland western Mexico 251
Publication date for Volume 133 (4): 3 December 2013
Club Announcements 253
DONEGAN, T. M., AVEDAÑO, J. E. & LAMBERT, F. A new tapaculo related to Scytalopus rodriguezi from Serranía de los Yariguíes, Colombia 256
TRAINOR, C. R. & VERBELEN, P. New distributional records from forgotten Banda Sea islands: the birds of Babar, Romang, Sermata, Leti and Kisar, Maluku, Indonesia 272
BRITO, G. R. R., NACINOVIC, J. B. & TEIXEIRA, D. M. First record of Redwing Turdus iliacus in South America 316
KUZIEMKO, M. & BRAMMER, F. P. The name of the Forest Thrush Cichlherminia lherminieri on Montserrat 318
VALLELY, A. C. & GALLARDO, R. J. First documented record of Black Rail Laterallus jamaicensis in Honduras 319
DICKINSON, E. C., DUBOIS, A. & BOUR, R. The authorship of the name Amytornis textilis: a reply to Black, Schodde & Préviato 322
BLACK, A. & SCHODDE, R. In support of Quoy and Gaimard 325
Index for Volume 133 (2013) 328